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Introducing MiWear™

Percept lens technology delivers an industry standard optical experience with true narrow band green light (nbGL) performance. Narrow band green light has been shown in some people to reduce headache and anxiety symptoms. With Percept’s patented technology, you will also experience near-complete elimination of blue light, which promotes better sleep and a reduction in digital device eyestrain.

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The MiWear Journal app is a companion to your Percept MiWear glasses. Log your migraines when they happen, recording severity, duration, and other symptoms. Track your migraines over time. View frequency, severity, and duration, and see how they change over the days, weeks, and months. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play using the links below.

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“It was a life changer for me… My head felt so clear and good. I felt like I could dance, I just felt so good and I haven’t felt that way in years and years”

-MiWear Patient